Content marketing ideas for hospitals and health systems

Managing hundreds of local listings for doctors

Posted by Nigel Edelshain on November 20, 2015

A health system marketer I know has a problem. She works for a large health system. The health system is composed of several hospitals, dozens of outpatient centers and hundreds of affiliated doctors.

Part of the problem is that this particular marketer is responsible for maintaining the directory listings for all these locations. The other part of the problem is this is not the only responsibility she has--far from it.

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What RankBrain means for hospital marketers

Posted by Richard Iurilli on November 18, 2015

You’ve probably heard of RankBrain, Google’s artificial intelligence system that helps process search results. Its reveal prompted more than a small number of Terminator jokes and inspired a lot of questions without nearly as many answers.

The basic facts of RankBrain are well known. We know that it’s part of Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm and that it helps process the roughly 450 million new search queries Google sees every single day. We also know that, somehow, it’s the “third-most important signal” determining where a given page ranks in search results.

Practically, RankBrain isn’t going to change much about how you do SEO, but the never-before-seen search queries it processes could be of particular relevance in the healthcare space.

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5 surprising statistics about online doctor reviews

Posted by Richard Iurilli on November 16, 2015

Online physician reviews shape the way consumers view your hospital’s brand, influence patient healthcare decisions, boost local search rankings, and affect how many people click on your hospital when it does appear in local results. But you probably already knew all that.

Here are five surprising online review statistics from BrightLocal and National Research Corporation that you probably don’t know—and what they mean for your hospital in 2016 and beyond.

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6 exciting ways hospitals are using Instagram

Posted by Richard Iurilli on November 13, 2015

Instagram surpassed 400 million users in September, but very few hospitals are using it effectively. Part of that may be due to social overload; most hospitals focus their efforts on Facebook and Twitter because they don’t have the time or resources to handle all the social networks vying for their attention.

But as Twitter changes its service in an attempt to reinvigorate growth that’s largely plateaued, Instagram’s success shouldn’t be ignored. It grew from 300 million users to 400 million in only nine months, and that 400 million-user mark is 25 percent higher than Twitter’s 320 million—meaning that more of your patients (and prospective patients) could be on Instagram.

Between the steady user growth and all the evidence that consumers respond to visual content online, there’s a compelling argument for increasing your activity on Instagram. A small number of hospitals are already doing this—here are six that are engaging their followers with thoughtful, relevant content.

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7 email metrics to help your results soar

Posted by Nigel Edelshain on November 9, 2015

“Start measuring something.”

I recently attended two presentations that focused on how “big data” could boost marketing results (one at SHSMD and one at HPRMS). I found both presentations inspiring for their analytical rigor and case studies highlighting how certain health systems are applying these methodologies. (I’m a former electrical engineer after all.)

My real world data, however, suggests that not many hospitals are currently operating at this “NASA-like level" of data-driven marketing.

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