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13 crazy statistics about how people use smartphones

Posted by Richard Iurilli on October 5, 2015

If it seems like almost everyone has a smartphone these days, you’re not far from the truth. More and more people are carrying around tiny computers more powerful than the lunar module that landed on the moon in their pockets, and they’re doing more with them than ever before.

As healthcare goes mobile, it’s important to know as much as possible about your target audience if you want your marketing to be effective. These stats showing how people use their smartphones could have a big impact on how you shape your marketing message for 2016.

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The best social media management tools for your hospital

Posted by Richard Iurilli on October 2, 2015

Social media is such a big part of digital marketing that managing it can quickly overwhelm even the savviest hospital marketer. It’s bad enough if you’re only using Facebook and Twitter—throw Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ into the mix and you might start pulling your hair out.

Fortunately, there are many tools out there specifically designed to help you manage your social media presence, but picking one can be a daunting task all by itself. The folks over at Seriously Social and G2 Crowd put together the following infographic to make that decision a bit easier. Whether you’re looking for a social media management tool for the first time or you’re unhappy with the tool you’re using and you’re wondering what else is available, it’s got all the basic info you need to get started.

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The new Google Twitter partnership--6 takeaways for hospital marketers

Posted by Nigel Edelshain on September 30, 2015

Google and Twitter created a new partnership in February 2015. This deal has implications for all health care marketers. 

Prior to this new partnership Google was indexing only a very small percentage of the tweets in Twitter's “fire hose” and it was indexing them slowly. At this time Google was “scraping” Tweets from Twitter—a slow and computer-intensive process. With this new partnership Twitter is sending all Tweets directly to Google to index, making the transfer of data orders of magnitude faster. 

When the new partnership started in February, tweets were only being displayed on Google searches conducted on mobile devices but in August the partnership expanded so searches from the desktop were included.

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Data suggests mobile-friendly health systems will win

Posted by Nigel Edelshain on September 28, 2015

You’ve probably read about “Mobilegeddon” by now. This was Google’s search algorithm update that occurred on April 21 this year.

In advance of this update many people thought search results might change overnight with websites that were not optimized for mobile devices disappearing from page one results en masse. This did not happen.

But to heave a big sigh of relief if your website is not mobile-friendly is likely to be a mistake. The reality of the situation based on the data now available suggests that April 21 might be more of the beginning of a test by Google rather than the end.

Once Google has had time to analyze the data, there’s a good chance they may actually accelerate the changes in their search algorithm, giving mobile-friendly sites a big advantage. They may do this with much less fanfare than occurred on April 21.

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5 creative ways for hospital marketers to use social media

Posted by Richard Iurilli on September 25, 2015

For a while, the mere presence of a hospital on social media was enough to stand out. Now, almost everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, and more and more hospitals are jumping on Instagram, Pinterest, even Periscope. You won’t get noticed if you’re doing the same things as everyone else.

Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Here are some creative ways hospitals and health systems are using social media these days that you can use as models at your own hospital.

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